A company that in a simple and practical way helps to provide a solution to this type of situation, being able to provide liquidity at the moment.

To remain without monetary resources and need liquidity immediately, is a circumstance that may arrive at a specific time, and affect any person or family under specific circumstances.

There are different ways to get money more or less quickly , also with different conditions and demands.

With a professional service and excellent management of its operations, it has achieved a good level of acceptance and confidence in its growing clientele. His first product is the commitment of cars. For those who own a vehicle and need money in an emergent way for any reason, with them there is a quick, confidential and simple solution.

They are often promoted as the leading vehicle pawn shop in Spain. They offer a guaranteed maximum charge in a very short time. It will be possible to obtain liquidity and continue using the car without having to deliver it in deposit , with the possibility of receiving the income at that moment. It will not matter if there are defaults, RAI, ASNEF, etc.

For those who need a loan, microcredit or loan; using the Cashdriving method of this company they will be able to obtain it. Even without leaving home, it will be possible to execute an application and they will be moving to the home of the interested party.

The customer will decide how to pay. They have a formula that claims to be one that exceeds any type of commitment or loan with an existing car. They work with wide flexibility, trying to adapt to the client at all times. The user will indicate the number of terms in question (3, 6, 12 or 18 months) and how much will be paid.

The money can be requested even without a payroll. They pay with a range of up to 70% of the appraised value of the vehicle, this in the act, with a return in convenient terms.

They have 18 branches in the country, although they cover the entire national territory. With this company it is possible to pawn a car no matter where a customer is.

Advantages of choosing

Of the most representative and interesting advantages of hiring the services of this company, we could mention:

  • It will be pricing the vehicles and offering the highest GANVAM valuation according to market value.
  • They project transparency and confidentiality in their work.
  • You will get more money for a vehicle than if you choose another pawnshop.
  • No payroll or endorsement will be necessary, nor will ASNEF import .
  • The money could be obtained urgently in less than 24 hours.
  • It will be possible to pawn the vehicle and at the same time keep using it, a better option than having to sell it to obtain liquidity.
  • They have branches throughout Spain , have 23 appraisal points and sign contracts.
  • It will be possible to have your services even if there is not a branch in the city of a client, they provide coverage throughout the country.
  • They value the car for free.

How to request the services of loans and credits 

CreditoporTuCoche orients the bulk of your work mostly in your CashDriving method or formula. They also offer their product “Turbo Empeño”, they also have a franchise program for those interested in multiplying their investment. It is even possible to collaborate with this company, send clients and obtain profits for this collaboration.

Let’s detail these services and their characteristics.

CashDriving Method 

It is the method or solution used by Crédito por Tu Coche to get your customers to commit their vehicles and at the same time continue to drive them.

A mechanism that works similar to the commitment of jewels or diverse goods, but with the difference that it will be possible to continue using the vehicle. It is a very fast and simple system, where no previous studies will be required and it can be run without a payroll.

It will be possible to acquire money quickly by buying the vehicle with the option to repurchase, without having to deliver the car on deposit.

It will be possible to continue in possession of the vehicle in exchange for paying a fee for the assignment of use. Afterwards, the client can make the decision if he wishes to amortize the capital and recover the car. You can choose the type of quota or term with flexibility (3, 6, 9, 12, 18 MONTHS)

Simulation of the commitment of a Car

Simulation of the commitment of a Car

Example: You have a vehicle with a pawn value of € 3,000. The customer will be receiving this sum.

To this amount will be added an expense of agency for € 150, including 3% on the purchase price, corresponding to expenses for study and expertise of the vehicle; that in the case exemplified would be € 90. You will also have to add the insurance, € 50. Totaling, a return of € 3,290 would be pending.

Steps of the CashDriving solution

Steps of the CashDriving solution

1 – The car will be assessed:They will calculate the value immediately and offer the maximum GANVAM assessment.

2 – Receive the money: The loan guarantee will be the vehicle, therefore it will not need payroll or endorsement, nor will they consider ASNEF, nor will they have to justify income. As soon as the car is tilled, in less than 24 hours the money will be available in the account.

As we have said, it will not matter if you are registered with ASNEF (National Association of Financial Establishments), commonly known as the Defaulters File.

3- The vehicle is still in the owner’s possession: The car will continue to be used at all times.

Conditions of service

Conditions of service

Although we have already talked about the conditions of service, we list below some in view to be examined in a better way.

  • The company delivers up to 60% of the market value of the vehicle.
  • The car can continue to be used as many months as it takes.
  • Both the change of ownership and the maintenance costs will be borne by the customer.
  • No income justification will be needed.
  • It will have to have an expense of € 150 per agency.
  • There will be a 3% above the purchase value intended for study expenses and car evaluation.
  • 50 € insurance will be considered.

Vehicle Requirements

  • It must be at least ten years old.
  • Proof of ownership, whether physical or legal.
  • Paid tax paid.
  • Permission of circulation.
  • Your documentation must be in order and in force.
  • The set of keys must be delivered.
  • You must not have domain reservation.
  • Technical sheet with ITV in force.

Cashdriving method in the place where you live

It does not matter where the customer is in Spain. This company will surely have a franchise near your city. They have points distributed around the country where they can perform a review, appraisal, and the interested party signs the contract.

  • Turbo Pawn:

This is a product launched by the company that responds to the requests of hundreds of customers.

It is thought and created in order to be able to give solution to those cases that need to receive the money with a greater urgency ; completing the operation and making the money available to them in less than 24 hours after the application process has been completed.

It will only be necessary:

  • Permit of circulation
  • Copy of the papers of the vehicle
  • ID
  • Car technical sheet

It is possible to access here in the official website of the company and leave the data of the interested party so that the company can inform with details about the service.

  • Franchise Program:

For those who have an investor profile, this is a magnificent and attractive option different from the traditional ones. It will be possible to join the program of franchisees of this company and multiply the investment.

Credit customer service for your car

Credit customer service for your car

For any suggestion, question or problem; The telephone number enabled is 951 137 111. In this contact page that we have referred, it will also be possible to fill out a form and the company will be responding briefly.

These contact details are enabled for general questions and basic information of the company. To contact the branch of a specific city or surroundings,


As we all know, the best way to get to know a product is to find out what others say about your experience with it. 

Creditoportucoche.com promises transparency and confidentiality . They assure that it is possible to get money quickly without papers, without endorsement or payroll. They do not take into account the financial status of the interested party and compete with other similar companies with very advantageous vehicle appraisals for their customers.

An option to value for those who need liquidity.

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