For some years, the request for online credits has become one of the preferred forms by many people due to its speed and especially to the few procedures that this type of credit requires, making it possible to obtain it in less than One day and delivering the minimum data, insurance to make a trip, pay a course and even the possibility of paying for a car that otherwise we could not pay.

Here, we talk about how to apply for personal bankoa online loans and what you will need in order to obtain the best performance of each loan.

Consumption Loan

When buying a car or taking a trip, or even giving a different touch to your home, you have the possibility of asking for a 3.99% credit in order to help many of the families that have economic problems or not. They can count on enough capital to be able to enjoy a credit that suits you.

Bankoa has the option of 3.99% consumption loans so that they can carry out their investments and fulfill their dreams, even when they are not adapted to the economy.

If you want to get this credit of 3.99%, clients should hire:

  • A car loan: life insurance, insurance for vehicles
  • Loan for any other purpose: You must have life insurance and a classic visa card or gold card with an annual cost of up to 2,000 euros.

In this credit, you can request up to an amount of 5,000 euros at least or 50 thousand euros maximum that can be paid with a maximum term of up to 72 months.

The 3.99 consumer credit , has an opening commission of 1% with a minimum amount of 150 euros and with a 0.50% cancellation or amortization the first year.

These credits are designed for families that have low income so it gives the best interest rate at a minimum cost.

Loans that are not car

Loans that are not car

In the same way as the previous one, bankoa offers loans that are not car loans with previous direct debit and also, hiring of the visa card and active gold card.

For these cases, we have two examples.

Loans of 25000 euros with a term of 6 years with payroll

In these cases, the payroll must be domiciled and the active credit visa card must be contracted . In this case, the total debt is added up to the amount of 28,000 euros, which correspond to the loan capital that has been requested and the amount of interest, in addition to the opening commission that is available.

Life insurance contract or visa classic card

In this case, to access credit you must have a life insurance contract and also have an annual premium of 39.84 euros with an insurance term of at least 30 years. The active gold visa card must also be available and it is considered to be active when the expenditure exceeds 2000 euros.

car loan

Car loans that are requested with bankoa , allow customers the possibility of financing any vehicle with an amount greater than 50,000 euros and will have a return period of up to 6 years . In this case, you must have an interest rate of 3.99 TIN.

In case the client sees it necessary, extra products can be hired as insurance for the car or even if the payroll is domiciled, a much lower price can be obtained in the installments or in the % TAE.

Hiring insurance through payroll direct debit

Hiring insurance through payroll direct debit

In these cases, you must have a car insurance that has a premium per year of 330 euros provided that the driver is over 30 years. In this case, the total amount will rise from 28 thousand euros to 30 thousand for loan expenses, interest, insurance premiums and opening commission.

With hiring of Life Insurance and Automobile Insurance

In this case, you must buy life insurance that has an annual premium of almost 40 euros. In this case, the total amount also rises from 28 thousand euros to 30 thousand. In this case, the expenses are for opening commission, life insurance premiums and auto insurance premium.

In all cases presented here, the amount of deferred payments must have 72 monthly installments of up to 391 euros.

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